My Journey through children’s picture books

I am committed to marking my 40th in an unforgettable way. After more than 30 years of scribbling and daydreaming I am open to the challenges of self-publishing my first children’s picture book. I have set a schedule for completion and have had some wonderful support and constructive networking to broaden my knowledge.

I proceeded to design a mock up for my first book, titled My Turn, Your Turn. With my interesting stick figures and unique animal depictions to help along the text I met with Pam Collings fromTB Books to register my work. One step closer to my reality of being a published author.

My challenge at the moment is to find an illustrator within my price range, I have taken steps to form my own network of creative artists who wish to try a new field or stretch their talent beyond their comfort zone!  My comfort zone has been shattered and I am reaching out for what I need to fulfill my personal journey.

My inspiration can be found very close to home with 3 very active and imaginative boys who have their own individual code of behaviour. They have faced many challenges and have adjusted with the resiliance of the young. They remain inquisitive and often put me on the spot with a probing question or two.

Over the last 8 years the boys and I have faced many hurdles, my three children have been diagnosed with Aspergers. Their personalities are so distinct you would never try to second guess their  responses to any given situation, or try to second guess an outcome. They always surprise me with their insight, I’m looking forward to what lays ahead for us professionally and as a family.


3 thoughts on “My Journey through children’s picture books

  1. Wow Shannon!My very best wishes, Just look at what you’ve achieved! Your boys will certainly prosper from your positive energy and enthusiastic outlook on life. I’m excited to read what lies ahead for you all. Jill

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