Lifes Twists and Turns

I have been on an incredible journey and have had the opportunity to meet many creative artists. When i first set out to publish I knew that I needed a talented artist to bring to life my memories of my sons playing wild and free on our family farm. I struggled to find an illustrator i could afford (found many works that I loved!) Finally i reached out to the local paper where a reporter enthusiastically agreed to bring my plight to the publics awareness. Within hours of my article being published I was inundated with requests from local artists wanting to join my journey. I was flattered and overwhelmed when I had to make the hard decision and choose 1 from the 20 odd.  I had a surprise entry that blew my preconception out the window but left me with talented illustrators who i wanted to keep for all the other books I have stockpiled in my folders. So from my initial journey as a first time author i have embraced the chalenges of setting up a website where local illustrators can display their talents and connect with regional writers in need of affordable depictions. The website will be up and running by September 2012 – – and I can’t wait to see where it might lead me!


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