First Public Reading of Your Turn! My Turn!

Today I was welcomed into my son’s prep/one class and had the pleasure of reading my proof copy – YOUR TURN! MY TURN! – for the first time to a group of age appropriate children. The response was delightful – with one query Are the dragon’s real? – which lead to a discussion on imagining. My youngest son was rapt that he and his brothers appear in the book and proudly explained who the three characters were from their shirt styles and colours. The questions were charming and at the end of the book where they get to imagine themselves playing their favorite game the ideas were gorgeous – from scientist to hairdresser, even had a con artist in on  the act. I would like to thank the teachers who allowed this experience, the school staff and students who showed great curiosity and interest and the parents who have already ok’d the buying of the book! I am truly grateful for all the encouragement, excitement and support that has been freely given during this amazing learning curve.

I have big plans to sell the first 100 then use that money to publish more, with this method I am determined to squirrel away enough money so that I can begin production on my 2nd book!!! I have set my target for 2013 and will use that as an incentive to achieve my goal, it’s not the destination but the journey I will be embracing.

To hold my creation in my hands and then share it with an eager audience has been a dream come true. The whole process from idea to publication then onto launch and publicity – it has been a wild ride but a truly wonderful experience without regret! I have been able to share the complete experience with my 3 boys, my inspiration and my joy through all the ups and downs they are my touchstone – they truly do inspire me to IMAGINE more!


One thought on “First Public Reading of Your Turn! My Turn!

  1. I was honoured yesterday, at the last school assembly, when I was given a thankyou card with photos of my first reading to my son’s class. It was gorgeous with all the children signing it and notes from the teachers. I was grateful that it gave me a chance to thank those who have offered words of encouragement and given me an opportunity to share my journey so far! A very special occasion.

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