Book Launch:- A Few Words of Thanks

1- James, William and Zachary my creative directors and cheer squad. You inspire me every day!

2- REAL Education (Brisbane based) program cleared my mind of clutter and allowed me to focus on my passion. Huge mind shift! Wonderful journey of self-discovery that continues with my REAL family connections.

3- Pam Collings my publisher and editor who’s professionalism and gentle guidance transformed my idea into the reality of my first children’s book.

4- Paul Mackay, illustrator extraordinaire, taking a mixture of ideas and suggestions and producing stunning works of art, giving my vision depth and colour beyond my wild imaginings!

5- Friends and Family, near and far, thank you for your support and encouragement, this nourishment of the soul got me over many a bump. Orders before the book was even published filled my heart with joy and pride at your generosity!

6- To all the courageous illustrators who offered their incredible creative talents to assist in making my first book a reality!

7- Andrew and Michael, Infintewebdesigns, for developing my website offering regional artists the opportunity to collaborate with local writers, in need of creative talent!

8- To the illustrators who took the leap and are now on the website! And also to those brave enough to offer your personal interpretation of my text for sale today and at other venues.

9- To all here today and those that sent their apologies and best wishes – My gratitude for making this celebration of Firsts memorable! 🙂

The hardest part of any journey is definitely the first step – after that you just roll with the unknown, eyes on the goal, fingers crossed and see where the experience will lead you. If your lucky it will be one of many adventures to come!


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