Sharing the adventure

A wonderful image of grandfather and grandson bonding over a story of shared adventures and the power of imagination. Thank you for your generous support and I hope you both enjoy many more adventures in the future!



I had the pleasure of meeting Suellen Drysdale at an informal gathering of artists and authors and publisher in Shepparton at The Hotel Australia. Delicious food and stimulating conversation. A wonderful opportunity to share publishing experiences, future creative endeavours and personal influences.  Will sign off so I can get back to my signed copy of “The Hybrid and the Lost Tails of Mermirran” – an explosion of reality and fantasy with a dash of history.   

Book Launch:- A Few Words of Thanks

1- James, William and Zachary my creative directors and cheer squad. You inspire me every day!

2- REAL Education (Brisbane based) program cleared my mind of clutter and allowed me to focus on my passion. Huge mind shift! Wonderful journey of self-discovery that continues with my REAL family connections.

3- Pam Collings my publisher and editor who’s professionalism and gentle guidance transformed my idea into the reality of my first children’s book.

4- Paul Mackay, illustrator extraordinaire, taking a mixture of ideas and suggestions and producing stunning works of art, giving my vision depth and colour beyond my wild imaginings!

5- Friends and Family, near and far, thank you for your support and encouragement, this nourishment of the soul got me over many a bump. Orders before the book was even published filled my heart with joy and pride at your generosity!

6- To all the courageous illustrators who offered their incredible creative talents to assist in making my first book a reality!

7- Andrew and Michael, Infintewebdesigns, for developing my website offering regional artists the opportunity to collaborate with local writers, in need of creative talent!

8- To the illustrators who took the leap and are now on the website! And also to those brave enough to offer your personal interpretation of my text for sale today and at other venues.

9- To all here today and those that sent their apologies and best wishes – My gratitude for making this celebration of Firsts memorable! 🙂

The hardest part of any journey is definitely the first step – after that you just roll with the unknown, eyes on the goal, fingers crossed and see where the experience will lead you. If your lucky it will be one of many adventures to come!

First Public Reading of Your Turn! My Turn!

Today I was welcomed into my son’s prep/one class and had the pleasure of reading my proof copy – YOUR TURN! MY TURN! – for the first time to a group of age appropriate children. The response was delightful – with one query Are the dragon’s real? – which lead to a discussion on imagining. My youngest son was rapt that he and his brothers appear in the book and proudly explained who the three characters were from their shirt styles and colours. The questions were charming and at the end of the book where they get to imagine themselves playing their favorite game the ideas were gorgeous – from scientist to hairdresser, even had a con artist in on  the act. I would like to thank the teachers who allowed this experience, the school staff and students who showed great curiosity and interest and the parents who have already ok’d the buying of the book! I am truly grateful for all the encouragement, excitement and support that has been freely given during this amazing learning curve.

I have big plans to sell the first 100 then use that money to publish more, with this method I am determined to squirrel away enough money so that I can begin production on my 2nd book!!! I have set my target for 2013 and will use that as an incentive to achieve my goal, it’s not the destination but the journey I will be embracing.

To hold my creation in my hands and then share it with an eager audience has been a dream come true. The whole process from idea to publication then onto launch and publicity – it has been a wild ride but a truly wonderful experience without regret! I have been able to share the complete experience with my 3 boys, my inspiration and my joy through all the ups and downs they are my touchstone – they truly do inspire me to IMAGINE more!

The beginning of the Publicity Trail :)

img008I am grateful for the continuing support and encouragement by my son’s school on this, sometimes daunting, life changing experience! I am overwhelmed by the amazing people who have offered advice and direction to help me achieve my goal – my first book published by my 40th birthday.  WE ARE GOOD TO GO! TOUCH WOOD!!!!! I enjoyed my first attempt to share the overall experience from initial idea to completed project with the enqiring minds of a large group of grade 3 and 4’s. Enthusiastic and well-behaved a true delight for my first public speaking session. Now I can’t wait for the next opportunity to share my passion!

Lifes Twists and Turns

I have been on an incredible journey and have had the opportunity to meet many creative artists. When i first set out to publish I knew that I needed a talented artist to bring to life my memories of my sons playing wild and free on our family farm. I struggled to find an illustrator i could afford (found many works that I loved!) Finally i reached out to the local paper where a reporter enthusiastically agreed to bring my plight to the publics awareness. Within hours of my article being published I was inundated with requests from local artists wanting to join my journey. I was flattered and overwhelmed when I had to make the hard decision and choose 1 from the 20 odd.  I had a surprise entry that blew my preconception out the window but left me with talented illustrators who i wanted to keep for all the other books I have stockpiled in my folders. So from my initial journey as a first time author i have embraced the chalenges of setting up a website where local illustrators can display their talents and connect with regional writers in need of affordable depictions. The website will be up and running by September 2012 – – and I can’t wait to see where it might lead me!

The other day I was mulli…

The other day I was mulling over the old saying Sticks and Stones may break my bones ….. and it made me realise why I love reading and writing. It gives you a chance to rehash and redraft and shows you the importance of words for good or evil – they are innocent it is the user who welds the power.

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words and names can scar my soul”

Never be afraid to rescript your conversation out loud, internalising just ties you in knots and blocks yur way forward!